Tatiana Sanchez

Chicago, IL


I love introducing & teaching Universal yoga, AcroYoga/AcroFit which embodies active and therapeutic events that create sustainable practices that empower people to develop awareness trust, communication and play.

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Universal Yoga/AcroYoga/AcroFit

Explore yoga, AcroYoga, AcroFit, Thai Massage solo or in a combination designed to expand awareness, alignment, breath, strength, and play.

As a life-long dancer/performer/educator, I have been teaching Universal/tantric hatha/vinyasa yoga since 2002 as well as offering Thai Massage since then. In 2008 I was invited to attend AcroYoga.org International Teacher Training and AcroFit in 2016 combining my love for yoga, acrobatics and healing therapies, it's been my honore having facilitated multiple classes/privates, groups/couples, workshops, festivals while creating community playing in the park/beach as well as developing trainings for the next generation. I love sharing the gift of self and community practice to people of all levels and backgrounds as a language of self care, wellness, athleticism, and self empowerment/development as a form of living a balanced holistically abundant life.

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