Zach Baph Lindh

Seattle, WA


I have been a creative writer for over a decade.

My specialties in writing include: lyric composition, poetry, political theory, social media outreach, argumentative and speech writing, as well as some other styles that I like to dabble in.

My goal is to engage your audience so completely that they must finish what they are reading until the end.

Services Offered

Social Media Outreach

We will bring clarity to your social media outreach campaigns. We will also bring your audience engagement up to its highest levels ever.

I have been a creative writer for over a decade. I am the only writer you'll ever need to meet!! I was born qualified to write with incredible clarity and dexterity. Let's get to work!!

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Other Skills


I will write your essay. It will probably receive high…


Creative Writing

Not into poetry? Need something good but believable? I will…


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