I love learning about and exploring in, both, the physical and digital worlds. I think the web is the most amazing and empowering thing that our species has yet to create. When I am not plugged into my laptop, I am probably playing at acrobatics, bouldering, or jiu jitsu. I work as a freelance web developer or bicycle/motorcycle courier—depending on my mood ;)

Services Offered


I could help you understand some of the specific syntax and features of the language, it's "gotchas", or with a specific project/bug.

I've used JavaScript for classic DOM manipulation (vanilla and JQuery), canvas animation (vanilla and p5.js), in frontend frameworks (Ember.js), and on the backend (node.js). Needless to say, I've become very familiar with it and all its quirks ;)

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web development

I can help you solve a problem or plan a project that…



I could introduce you to the app's core principles and what…



I could help you better understand the syntax and common…


css & sass

I could help you understand the syntax and common…


git & github

I can help you get a basic handle on version control and…


gymnastic rings

I can help you develop a general strength and conditioning…


rock climbing & bouldering

I can help you develop physical strength, conditioning, and…



Anything: create an account, setup hosting, how to start…



Let's get started writing you a RESTful API that runs on…


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