Elisa Jordan

Seattle, WA


I am a certified Eating Psychology Coach, yoga instructor (E-RYT 200), coaches yoga teacher trainings, and founder of BODYPOSIYOGI. I infuse my yoga and coaching practice with lightness and empathy from experience as an opera singer, and in my journey with body dysmorphia and orthorexia. Originally from San Diego, she now lives in Seattle with her puppy Darcy.

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Learn how to do yoga individually for your body's needs.

I am an ERYT - experienced yoga teacher for over 5 years. I lead teacher trainings. I am an expert in making yoga body positive, inclusive, adaptable, yet challenging at the same time. Learn more at bodyposiyogi.com

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health coaching

Uncover the deeper aspects to your struggles with health,…



Learn how to easily create online and print graphics for…



Learn the foundations to healthy singing. Receive classical…


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