I am a certified high school art instructor from Vancouver, BC who is passionate about photography and helping others find joy in the process. My artistic eye for photography combined with my passion for educating others makes teaching and tutoring a natural fit for me. Check out my work on flickr

Services Offered

Photography 101

I teach you the basics of shooting with your DSLR camera so…


Photography - Composition 101

You will learn fundamental compositional rules for better…


Pinhole Camera Photography

We will make a pinhole camera suitable for making black and…


Photo Critique - Online

I will look at your existing photos and offer suggestions on…


Printmaking 101

I will demo the basics of relief cut printmaking and you…


Conversation en Français

Nous pourrions ameliorer notre français ensemble. En ligne…


Name Your Paper

I will help you give your school paper or thesis a catchy…


Gigs Posted

I would like to learn how to play the harmonica. I got one as a present and I… Read More
Can pay: $20
French Language Partner
I am looking for someone to practise French with me in person or online.
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