Bob Dobbs

New York, NY


UX DESIGNER // I am an adjunct professor of business, web designer, and coach from Portland. I really enjoy helping people get to the next level of business and life. My experience and results are proven and guaranteed.

Services Offered


How to set up a website or remake an old one to get the top result you want.

I have a professional background in web design, global branding, and licensed teaching. Because of my teaching background, I take hard topics and make them simple. Most people end up getting exactly what they want because of this skill. Wordpress is one of those subjects that is easy to learn in the beginning and then it gets progressively difficult as your customization gets more demanding (CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Jquery, etc). I help people learn short-cuts, improve their skill, and/or provide solutions to bypass the complicated stuff. All of this in an easy-going, effective way.

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Other Skills


Set up and create an amazing wordpress website.


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