Dragos Alexa

Chicago, IL


A strategist that is able to develop and grow unique brand insights that are materialized in pragmatic and effective branding programs. A senior member of the team that is well informed, instinctive and never waiver. Eats, sleeps and drinks brand, brand communications, as well as creative, social and digital spaces. An enthusiastic participant and a thoughtful observer when the moment calls for… Read More

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No, not the logo making. Not only that. The part with heart-winning, mind changing and evolve the World for a better place.

I have been working with small business for over 14 years both in Europe and U.S. From dairy farms to IT companies, from life insurance to cosmeceuticals or gyms. Then it is not about what qualifies me, but what qualifies you. I am just asking the questions, you give the answer and then I point out your Solutions. It's great!

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I could help you validate your business model. I am very…


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“Dragos is a really great person. I highly recommend booking a… Read More
on strategy

Jun 11, 2017 8:15 PM

“I have been a customer of, and also worked alongside Dragos on numerous… Read More
on branding

Mar 31, 2017 7:58 PM

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