Jessilyn Brinkerhoff

Portland, OR


I am a graphic designer, muralist illustrator and musician born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Educated at the University of Oregon, I have worked for over 10 years as an illustrator and designer and love to weave together beautiful typography and illustration experiences in public art.
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Learn the joys of playing fiddle, from Beginner to Intermediate fiddle technique and songs in this roots music tradition.

I have been playing the violin in the Americana fiddle style for 5 years. I have performed with bands in shows in the Northwest in folk, bluegrass, Irish, old-time styles. I am rooted in the tradition of fiddle and love the contemporary take on these styles as well.

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Learn how to produce a poster in Photoshop, edit photos for…



Learn how to make a vector image from your sketch or concept…


Singing and Voice

You'll learn how to stay in tune, hold a melody, breath…


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