Jeff Diza

Portland, OR


I've been shooting photography for over 10 years. Professionally for around 5. My experience is mostly people photography. I have experience working with talent and modeling agencies. If your goal is to photograph people, then I'm your guy.

Recently I started working with cinematography because it's just like photography only with full motion.

In between photo/video gigs I enjoy a relaxing DJ… Read More

Services Offered


How to prep you camera to begin shooting a subject and finding out what style of photography you will be shooting.

I've been shooting photography since high school. Graduated from AAU majoring in fashion/commercial photography. I have experience working with modeling/talent agencies providing test shoots for new and existing models. With my skills and past experience I can help you find your inner photographic voice and develop your visual language that will catch everyone's eye!

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How to beat match two tracks on vinyl


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