Maegan McCoy

Portland, OR


I'm on a mission to cultivate a multifaceted awareness that encourages people to embrace challenges and extinguish self-doubt. I am unapolgetically obsessed with anything/everything healthy, holsitic and nourishing for the soul. Yoga is no exception. Whether your goal is to achieve mental clarity, increase hip flexibility or to simply touch your toes, I would love to design a yoga regimen created… Read More

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Don't just live but THRIVE with a yoga practice rooted in FUNctional movement.

Paired with a B.S. degree in Health, Leisure and Exercise Science and a 200-hour YTT certification, I've had the privilege of teaching yoga for seven years. My style aims to uplift body, inspire the soul and challenge people to exceed their own expectations through the power of yoga. I am also an ACE-certified group fitness instructor with a clientele base ranging from collegiate athletes to children, executives to older adults and everyone in between!

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