I have recently moved to the Riverhead NY area. I am a Yoga and Martial Arts teacher as well. I'm looking forward to exploring my new neighborhood and making lots of new friends!

Services Offered

Anything in Photoshop

Anything you want to Learn How 2 Do!

I have 27 years of experience in PS and am a PS Master. I anxiously awaited each new version of PS and studied each new tool as they were created, as well as spending endless hours in the books and magazines learning tips and tricks! I am a patient teacher and specialize in teaching people the fastest and most efficient way to do things.

Knowledge level


Other Skills

Modern Self-Defense

Learn to Defend Yourself with Confidence


Increase your Flexibility

How to properly stretch to dramatically & safely increase…


Managing your Emotions

Learn How to Establish your Peace and Happiness each…


Have More Energy Naturally!

How to breath, move, and posture yourself so that you…


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