Paweł Musiałowski

Vancouver, WA


Best known for evocative travel and lifestyle photography. In the finest documentary way, capturing details of human hassle and fun.
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Born in Poland, self taught talent. After working at Labor Office for two years, I left for UK to freelance. It was in the UK that I started to explore the world and mastered photography skills.

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Services Offered

Photography, Photoshop, Editing

I can teach all aspects of photography from basic camera setup to advanced lighting setups. Basic to advanced Photoshop editing.

I've been freelance photographer and Photoshop user for over 10 years. Have done shots in several countries (Dubai, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Spain and more). I'm comfortable with most types of photography, including portraiture, travel, landscape, macro, lifestyle and more.

Knowledge level

Hourly rate varies

Other Skills

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