Camille Boillet

Brooklyn, NY


Freshly graduated traveling software engineer I have worked in France Germany and Europe in environment neuroscience start up, student consulting company, larger engineering company.

Beside my nerdy life I am also a dance performer, teacher and competitor specialized in swing dancing: Lindy Hop, Charleston, Shag & cie. In particular New York is the city of jazz!

I love sharing my passion and… Read More

Services Offered

Web programming

Learn the basic to get you started in web programming: server, client, API and databases in the menu

I am currently working as a web developer I am facing daily the need to come up with robust and smart solutions for building my applications

Knowledge level


Other Skills

C++ programming

Learn the basic of C++ programming, language mechanism,…



Learn how to build a database and integrate it into your…


Lindy Hop/Swing dance

Learn the basic or improve you skills in partner dancing.…


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