I currently do quite a few different jobs. I create, fix, and do social media management for other peoples websites. I'm also a virtual assistant with quite an extensive list of skills. I run my own website called And I'm also a Keto OS Independent Promoter. I also used to be a welder and worked in the shipyards for the last 10years till one day I decided to was time to… Read More

Services Offered

Social Media Management

I can boost your product or website on social media platforms.

Do you have a website or product that you want people to know about but don't quite know how to get it out there? There are many places to create a post and boost it to get people to read it. Either I can show you or I can do this for you.

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Other Skills


I can help u with just about anything. From a paper u need…



I can help u with your finances and money management. Help…



Do you need someone to just listen to you or a problem you…



I can create, fix or promote your WordPress website.


Virtual Assistant

Manage your website, bookkeeping, Microsoft Office, Handling…


Email Management

Do you get Tons of emails? Are there even some u must reply…



How to make breads, cakes, meals for large families, sweets,…

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