Currently I do free-lance Consulting-Cross Industry and co-manage a small family-owned wine vineyard . I am also very active on the local performing arts scene, music specifically, from NorthWest WA to Northern CA. I was nominated for the National Dean's List while attending Washington State University and also earned high recognition of excellence in World Civilizations as well as being… Read More

Services Offered

English, Writing, Speaking

The basics of essay/research writing and the basics of proper or professional or public speaking, the basics of Rhetoric, basic grammar

My educational qualifications as well as as my professional experience has help me achieve a high degree of expert knowledge in the above mentioned areas. And I don't mind taking the time to "get it right."

Knowledge level

Hourly rate varies

Other Skills

Consulting, Music Production

Depends on the person and what they are seeking to learn. It…

Hourly rate varies

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