I am a Texan living in Chicago. While my true passions lie in music production and sound engineering, I have been pulled in many creative directions by this huge city. I manage an amazing restaurant most evenings, produce electronic music and dj for a local hip hop group, and am designing a niche clothing line organically inspired by the community. My relevant education pedigree is comprised… Read More

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I can teach an array of basic-to-intermediate sleights and tricks to amaze your friends and yourself!

I have performed magic for over 14 years, acquired membership to the Society of American Magicians and several other local organizations, won several awards including Junior Close-Up Champion at the Texas Assoc. of Magicians annual competition, and have been mentored by successful professional magicians. I use magic in daily life to form lasting first impressions, create a dialogue with strangers, and create a genuine nostalgic amazement among my friends - it is a timeless art form that everyone enjoys!

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Ableton Live/Music Production

Basic, intermediate, and advanced techniques for Ableton…



I can teach you the basics of flavor construction and the…


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“Kelcey is an exquisitely technical and creative DJ. I highly recommend… Read More
on Ableton Live/Music Production

Jan 13, 2017 11:04 AM

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