I have been capturing photographs for about 10 years. I believe my artistic eye, creativity, and empathy bring a unique style to my work. Photography has become a huge passion for me, right along side Roller Derby! I am on a Roller Derby league - Tilted Thunder Rail Birds - and love challenging myself. It's amazing exercise and I love the community of empowered women I get to skate with!

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ISO, aperture, shutter speed, f-stop, positioning, light, composition, photographing people vs. nature.

I am a professional photographer that has been capturing photos since I got my first point and shoot camera (about 10 years ago). Since then I have upgraded my gear and put a lot of time and effort into my passion. I love capturing moments, whether that's someone walking down the aisle at their wedding, or a hawk descending mid-flight. I love capturing moments in life and being able to give the gift of memories.

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Roller Derby / Skating - Basics

Skating stances, core strengthening, basic pushing, how to…


Roller Derby - Advanced

Cross-overs, laterals, effective hitting and driving…


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