Successful academic against the education system. I graduated honors and magna cum laude from University of Washington Seattle with a BA in Comparative History of Ideas. I founded and manage the website for 206 Free Skool and juggle a variety of other projects. I may be beginning a PhD in Political Science at University of Hawai'i at Manoa in August. The writing sample for my application is titled… Read More

Services Offered

GIMP or Photoshop

Want the capacity to edit and design your own images for whatever purpose you may need to communicate? GIMP or Photoshop is all you need!

I have a few years of experiences using these tools, more GIMP than Photoshop. If you are new to these programs or just need to get a particular process or function down I have you covered!

Knowledge level


Other Skills


Spanish, English and/or bilingual custom curriculum design…



In just one session learn how to design and maintain your…



Learn the basics of whatever open source or commercial video…

Hourly rate varies


Learn the basics of recording video on your mobile phone,…

Hourly rate varies


Learn any of a broad variety of academic skills including…



Learn the basics of "Computing for Autonomy!" Open source,…



Anywhere from the basics and variety of forms to advanced…


Gigs Posted

Welsh, Gaelic
Looking for a native speaker who can teach Welsh, Gaelic.
Can pay: $28

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