Has Launched In Portland!

After nearly a year of onboarding members, building features and gathering feedback, the HelpWith team is proud to announce that HelpWith.co has officially launched in Portland, Oregon!

HelpWith now has the features you need to easily monetize your skills while also building community. We've been working with our members to refine features that allow you to better connect, book sessions, and more.

New payment processing
Now any user can accept payments immediately through Stripe
Trade help for help
It's now super easy to offer your knowledge in exchange for help learning a new skill. No money necessary.
Location-based search
We've improved your ability to find and connct with skilled people in your area.
Peer-based reviews
Request endorsements from your clients, coworkers, and friends, to help qualify your skills, build trust, and increase your search rank.
Invite friends, get rewards
You can invite friends either by their email address or using your custom referral link.
Anyone can join
It takes just a minute to sign up and start offering your skills or learning something new. We've built a user experience soo smooth you great grandmother could create a profile.

"Companies like RaskRabbit and Postmates have shown that the gig economy is a very important aspect of labor's future. We believe that the gig economy can offer more than just minor tasks though. We believe people should be able to utilize their knowledge, expertise, and know how. Our marketplace ensures that anyone can turn their knowledge into a business."

-John Connor, Co-Founder of HelpWith

“People are willing to pay $30, $50, $80 dollars an hour depending on the demographic and depending on how difficult the task is, for you to sit down in your spare time and show them how to do these things… and once they (clients) learn how to do it…They’re empowered to take control of their brand, or their learning process”

-Interview With GigNoble

Over 300 active Portland Members.
Over 1,200 members total,
and growing every day.

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